How to Defend Your Research Paper?

After completing your research paper you’d like to have some rest from writing, wouldn’t you? But the truth is that there would be no rest as you have to write a summary for defending your research paper. So, let’s speak about writing a summary in details.

Don’t make common mistakes

Usually students are given 5-10 minutes for presenting the summary. So, it is obvious that it should include the most important things about the research work done by you. The summary has to be short and to the point, but it’s not a good idea to take only the introduction and conclusion from your research paper (as many students do). Yes, you can include the information from these parts of the paper into the summary, but it’s really not enough. Why? This scheme doesn’t show what research work was performed by you to obtain the findings presented in the conclusion. To present your research like a professional follow our instructions.

The structure and the content of the summary

Thus, thelength of the summary for defending the research paper should make up from 5 to 10pages since it’s unlikely that you will be able to read more within allotted 7-10minutes. Keep in mind that at the beginning of your speech you should address to the audience in a proper manner and then announce the topic of your research paper. After that, you should tell briefly about the following aspects of your work:

–          timeliness or academic interest of the topic (in fact, these are different things since, for example, we can’t say that a topic related to the history of ancient Rome is currently central, but for purposes of historical science it can be interesting);

–          object and subject of the research;

–          goals of your research;

–          problemsto be solvedin order to achievethe goals;

–          overall structure of the research paper due to the specified problems (the number and heads of the chapters);

–          methodological framework and informational background of the research (what methods were used and a brief description of references).

The abovementioned information can be borrowed from the introduction of the research paper and should be set up taking about a page and a half. Further you should describe:

–          what kind of research work was performed in each chapter of your paper;

–          what conclusions were made based on the findings in each chapter.

This part of your summary should take 3-4 pages. There you can refer the audience to the drawings, graphs, tables presented in the appendices of the research paper. All of these illustrations should be printed in several copies on separate sheets of paper and distributed over the audience – this is called “handout.” You shouldn’t print more than ten images to illustrate your research paper.

The material for the next part of your summary can be borrowed from the conclusion:

–          answers to the issues which were raised in the introduction;

–          general conclusion throughout the research paper;

–          what is offered by the researcher and what results this can yield;

–          a few wordsabout the prospectsand your own opinion on the topic.

If you follow our guide for writing the summary and bother to rehearse your speech with a watch in your hand, as well as to think over your answers to possible questions on the topic, you are unlikely to have any problem with the defense of the research paper. Still you can improve the image by making a presentation!

Make a presentation to defend your research paper

In its structure, a presentation is very similar to a written summary repeating all of its main aspects:

–          topic of the research paper;

–          its timelines;

–          object and subject of the research;

–          it’s purpose;

–          tasks arising out of the purpose;

–          briefly described structure of the paper;

–          methodology and references;

–          what kind of research work was performed in each chapter of the paper and what results were obtained;

–          received answers;

–          general conclusion;

–          assessment of the topic prospectsfor further study.

However, contrary to a written summary a presentation is visualization (before everything else) which is only slightly supported by verbal accompaniment. In other words, your audience will look at images while listening to your brief comments. And the time allotted for the presentation is the same 5-10 minutes. So, it is quite difficult to give the same amount of information in images, since you should stick to 10-20 slides, and each of it can include no more than a medium-sized paragraph of text (your audience come to watch and listen instead of trying to read somethingin small print!).

Thus, the presentation for defense of your research paper is a kind of scaled-down thesis summary which has to be designed beautifully. This means that you need to write a summary anyway, although images will play a major role in creating the presentation of your research paper.

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